A book about "new kid" Morgan has been marked up by the last owner. The writing fills the margins but is fading...what's going on? (comes with flashlight for viewing hidden text)
“So tell me about it,” said Parker without looking at her sister. “Tell me about your day.”

“I think I need some new rules,” replied Morgan.

“What kind of rules?”

Morgan stopped and shook her head at her sister. “You know, the rules about going to a new school. The ones you told me about before our first day.”

“Oh, yeah. Um, I hate to say this but I don’t remember the old rules.”

Parker started walking again and Morgan hesitated then ran to catch up. “What do you mean you don’t remember? Do you mean you just made them up? On the spot?”

“What does it matter if I just made them up? They were pretty good, weren’t they?”

“How do you know they were good if you don’t remember them?”

“Just tell me what they were so I don’t duplicate the old ones and then I can make up some new ones for you.” Morgan shook her head in disbelief. But then her sister had a point—what did it matter if she had invented them while they talked. They had helped with that first day—they had diverted her fear, given her something to focus on other than her self-consciousness.

“Okay,” Morgan said, “the first one was don’t appear needy.”

“How’d you do on that one?”

“Excellent. Not only did I not appear needy, I didn't even feel needy.”

“Good. What was number two?”

“I think it was don’t glue yourself to the first person who’s nice to you.”

“So? What about that one?”

Morgan had to think a minute. Helen was really the first person who was nice to her. Even though she hadn't wanted Morgan as a lab partner, they still ended up having a pretty good time working together. And she definitely didn't glue herself to Helen. But Gina was a different matter.

“Technically I did okay on that one,” Morgan said. “What do you mean by technically?”

“Well I kind of got glued to the second person who was nice to me.” But then Morgan remembered Michael at the hardware store. He was nice to her. “No, it was the third person who was nice to me that I've kind of gotten stuck with.”

“You don’t sound too happy about it.”

“Well, I’m confused about her. Gina, her name is Gina and she lives on our street.”

“Tell me more about Gina.”

Morgan decided to tell her sister everything. “She smokes.”

Parker gave a short laugh. “And…?”

“And she sits at this table at lunch with a bunch of girls who seem pretty popular. She invited me to sit with them but then she kind of bullied another girl off the table so I could sit there because there wasn't room for both of us.”

Parker just nodded but didn't say anything, so Morgan went on. “It was really weird, but no one got mad or anything. It was like they all just did what Gina told them to do.”

Morgan hesitated, then told her sister about the copied homework that she never turned in and the conversation afterward with Gina and Chelsea. “I wish you could meet her,” Morgan said. “I think you’d see that there’s something about her that makes me want to be glued to her. But I wish there weren't.”

Parker nodded again. “Okay. I've got a new rule for you. Let me know if it’s not a new one, but I don’t think I said this before.”